Straight from the factory to you!

We provide 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair straight from the factory to you at wholesale prices!

Usually, there are a lot of steps in getting hair to you, the consumer. First the hair is gather and collected. It then goes to the factory to be manufactured. From the factory it goes to a supplier who then sells it to a wholesaler. The wholesaler then sells it to the retailer where you go and purchase your hair. That is five steps where the hair is marked up before it gets to you.

We at Muri Hair control the whole process so there is no markup! Our factory gathers the hair and manufactures it at the same time. We skip the supplier, wholesaler, and retailer and offer this great quality 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair to you at the rock bottom prices! We also keep our products in stock in a United States based warehouse so there is no delay in getting you the product. So be assured that you are not getting cheap hair for cheap but instead you are getting the best quality hair at the best price!

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