The word Virgin Hair indicates that the hair has not been introduced to any chemicals including dyes, perms, or bleach. This means that the hair is unprocessed and is in its purest form. The donor of Virgin Hair has never colored, bleached, or permed their hair. This is as good as it gets.

Remy Hair means that all the hair strands are placed in the same direction. Cuticles are aligned at one end. This end is typically sewn into a weft. This is the best configuration to allow for smooth, manageable hair. This doesn’t mean your hair wont tangle; it just means it is less prone to do so. The problem with tangling is that the hair isn’t managed right. Think about it, if you don’t wash your own hair or brush it, it will tangle. So why don’t you take care of the investment you just made? You can read about proper hair care in our other article.

Remy Hair doesn’t always mean that the hair is also Virgin Hair. Virgin Hair also doesn’t mean that the hair is Remy Hair. So can Virgin and Remy be used together? Absolutely! Virgin Remy Hair just means that it is unprocessed AND all the cuticles are in the same direction. This is the ideal situation you want for any hair purchased and this is exactly what is offered at Muri Hair.