Care/Washing Instructions

Follow these procedures AT LEAST once a week:

1. Make sure to brush the hair to keep free of tangles. When brushing hair, DO NOT start at the top of the hair. When brushing, brush from the bottom in small sections and work your way to the top buy holding small section of the hair to prevent pulling the hair from the weft. Once hair is tangle free, follow the washing procedures below.

2. Wet the hair with warm water in a downward motion (from top to bottom).

3. Apply shampoo for natural hair (such as Panteen Shampoo). DO NOT massage the shampoo but apply it by finger combing the shampoo through the hair in a downward motion.

4. Rinse in a downward motion.

5. Use conditioner for natural hair (such as Panteen Conditioner). Apply in a downward motion by finger combing it through the hair. Let conditioner sit for about 5 minutes.

6. Rinse conditioner in a downward motion thoroughly rinsing ALL the conditioner out of the hair.

7. Gently towel-blot the hair to remove excess water.

8. To retain wavy look, apply light hair polish by massaging and bunching the hair in an upward motion and let air dry. If waves or curls loosen, it is best to apply a lightweight heat protector to the wet hair, blow dry the hair, straighten the hair using a ceramic flat iron, and then re-curl the hair using a curling iron.

9. For a straight look, first apply a lightweight heat protector to the wet hair then blow dry straight in a vertical motion and straighten using a ceramic flat iron OR let air dry and style as desired.

10. We strongly recommend using an Argon Oil to maintain your hair. Argon oil will reduce frizz, fix split ends, and adds a lustrous shine. It helps make the hair softer, healthier, easier to manage, and reduces tangles. We recommend using our brand of Argon Oil as it was developed specifically for our hair but even if you don't use ours, use another reputable brand such as Moroccan Argan Oil (One with the big M).

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