How Are Our Prices So Low?

MURI HAIR offers the highest quality 100% Virgin unprocessed human hair Remy extensions and wigs at the cheapest price in the market. We provide different lengths, various colors and styles to meet all customers’ needs. Currently, there are numerous internet-based hair companies popping up. However, many customers chose us and we have been experiencing accelerating growth. With several years of business experience, MuriHair.com has won hundreds of customers’ praise across the world and received numerous positive reviews. Then, one question comes to mind. How is it possible to purchase such a high end hair at this low price? Many customers keep asking us if MuriHair.com is real. Yes, we are indeed real and legitimate. And, we want to explain how we kept our prices so low while increasing the quality of our products.

No Intermediaries. All our products are directly imported from our factory. Usually, goods have to take a long travel path from the manufacturer to the customer. This distribution path includes several interconnected intermediaries such as wholesalers, distributers, agents and retailers. Each intermediary receives the item at one pricing point and moves it to the next higher pricing point until it reaches the final buyer. All the costs among these intermediaries will be paid by the final buyer, you the customer. Thus, the longer the distribution chain, the higher the prices become. However, our distribution channel is only one short direct transaction from the manufacturer to the consumer. We do not have any other intermediaries between us and our manufacturer. We are the only one distributor to our own website. As we retail directly from our factory, we can drastically reduce costs.

One Factory. All of our products pass through scores of manufacturing processes in the course of production. Those processes include collecting hair, inspecting, washing, cutting, styling, packing and so on. Generally, a manufacturer hires many subcontractors to perform these specific tasks as part of the overall processing. Just like intermediaries, whenever the manufacturer has more subcontractors, the cost will increase. However, we have one large factory that handles the entire manufacturing processes. Once our unprocessed virgin Remy hair is collected from young and healthy donors, it will pass only one brief stop, our factory. This short path of manufacturing allows us save time and cost while keeping the fresh virgin quality of hair.

Bulk Purchasing. When we import hair from our factory, we do not purchase them in 10 or 20 bundles. We purchase the high-end 100% virgin unprocessed remy human hair in a large quantities. Bulk purchasing allows us to save time and cost, including delivery time, shipping cost, packaging charges and so on. It keeps the cost per unit is as low as we can possibly get it. We have our own temperature controlled warehouse to store a large quantity of all products in the USA. For the best customer satisfaction, we keep all our products in stock. So, we can easily and quickly ship to a customer in the USA with time and cost savings.

Make a better choice by shopping at MuriHair.com. We are an internet-based, high-end hair company, offering the finest quality 100% virgin unprocessed Remy human hair at the cheapest prices. We are committed to deliver exceptional products at low prices only for you. We will always do our best to ensure you have an enjoyable and pleasant experience with us. We will always provide all information so you will be as comfortable and confident as possible with your hair purchase. Feel free to contact us with any questions about colors, lengths and/or textures.